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  Welcome to annual saluki event in Norway!
logo 2017 Saluki Date:   Saturday, 24. June 2017
Saluki Place:   Hvam Videregående Skole
Hvamsalleen 30, 2165 Hvam
Saluki Judge:   Sharon Kinney
kennel Issibaa, USA
Saluki Entry: Entry on web
Saluki Entry limit: ordinary: 29. May 2017
extended: 05. June 2017

The Norwegian Salukiutvalg invites you to our 2017 Saluki Specialty where our beautiful hounds are the center of attention. The Saluki Specialty will once again have great prizes for the many class winners and we will continue the tradition of our successful pot luck lunchon.

For judging the 2017 Saluki Specialty we have invited Sharon Kinney, kennel Issibaa, US

  Registration Fee ordinary extended     ordinary extended  
  Official classes 375,- 475,-   Puppies 275,- 375,-  
          Monorkid*(kun manuell) 150,- 200,-  
          Junior Handling 50,-    
          Child & dog 50,-    
  From the third dog with the same owner it is half price per dog. The rebate is from the lowest priced entry fees, but does not count for puppy entries.
There will be competitions for best movement, best couple & best head and expression.

The Salukiutvalg is more than happy to receive donations of prizes for the Saluki Specialty!

  Ordinary entry limit is the: 29/05-17. Extended entry limit is: 05/06-17  
  Entry:   Elektronic via, alt. manual to Milla Stav Nilsen. E-mail:  
  Payment:   Marit Borgersen. Løkenåsen 15. 1900 Fetsund. Mob: (+47) 922 92 488  
  Bank account:   1503 2752 974  
  Information:   Milla Stav Nilsen, mobile: (+47) 926 89 757. E-mail:  
  Prize donations:   Linn Mari Sørgård e-mail:, or mobile phone: (+47) 918 25 265