Kommentar fra Mona Bergström og Paul Shimmin, kennel Cranstal

Tusen tack för både sponsring och att ni kom från Norge!
Svenska Salukiringens special, Sveriges näst största salukispecial efter Tammsvik, hölls på Gammelkroppa i Filipstad. 82 anmälda hundar var av 3 var valpar. Domare var Paul Shimmin, England, knl Cranstal.
Efter utställningen skickade jag bilder till honom på de norska hundarna som jag hade bilder på från utställningen, utifrån dessa bilder har han skrivit följande domar kommentar.


I would like to express to Norwegian exhibitors my thanks for making the long journey to Gammelkroppa and allowing me the privilege of assessing your salukis which I found to be of a very high standard overall. I was very pleased with all of my winners and feel that Norwegian exhibitors were well represented in the final line ups.
On the day I was impressed by the overall quality of the 82 salukis presented before me. The classes were very competitive and I felt that the salukis present were of a type that as a breeder/judge I was looking for.

Movement in general throughout all exhibits was good although this needs to be watched as light and lifting movement appears to be in decline throughout salukis worldwide. Those that failed to grade ‘Excellent’ mainly failed on movement although some of the younger exhibits failed to settle when standing and this transferred when they were asked to move. A judge can only make his awards on what he is able to assess on the day – guesswork should never come into the decision. If an exhibit will not move or stand correctly for the short amount of time that it is required to do so at a major show - it has to be assessed on its performance on that day.
My main Norwegian winners were as follows:

A very strong class of quality saluki dogs – with some very hard decisions to make.
NORD UCH DKV-11 JEUW-11 Aziz Ihsan was 2nd in this class, graded excellent with CK, and awarded BH-2. In my opinion a quality dog who could hold his own in any competition with his quality and movement.
NO UCH Caravan Brins Khamsin Ibn Bahiim graded excellent with CK.

Amasonelands Soray Ila Yazid graded HP & BIS Baby.

Dabka’s Michelle was 4th in this class and graded excellent.

NJV-11 Caravan Cantara Ila Masùdah Itheram was 1st in class, graded excellent and awarded BOS Youth.

Norway was well represented by the bitches entered in another strong class with:
NO UCH NO SE LCCH Caravan Bariza Badiiah Bint Bahiim placing 2nd, graded excellent with CK.
NORD DK LCCH Caravan Zariefa placing 3rd and graded excellent.

Caravan Yaz Yasirah graded excellent in a class of 16.

Hoppas ni tyckte om hans kommentar,
med vänlig hälsning Mona Bergström