Bakgrunnen til denne prisen er Michael Berhmann, tysk LC-dommer med mange års erfaring fra hele Europa, som dømte på den internasjonale LC-prøven i Lillehammer i juni 2006. I den forbindelse lagde Eva Kristine Wiik et intervju, her er starten på dette:

Could you please tell us a little about who you are, your background in sight hounds, and what type of hounds you have?

My name is Michael Behrmann. I live in Cux haven, a small town whe re the river Elbe runs into the North Sea.

Nearly 40 years ago I started my“sighthound career” with whippets, but for the last 18 years I’ve been living with salukis. At the present, I have four bitches and one male, both feathered and smooth.

As of 2001 I’ve been cobreeder of the Sawahin kennel. I like the moderate saluki type. Show and performance is for me important. The saluki isn’t specialized for only one arena - show or coursing/race tracking - he is an excellent all-rounder!

For carrying out this idea in Norway as well, I donated a special trophy which awards excellency in both fields.

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