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My association with salukis:

I was born into a household of Salukis, and they have always been a big part of my life, as my mother, Elisabeth, has breed under the famous Swedish affix Barakisch since 1971. Her first saluki was a smooth bitch from the Sedeki kennel. However, as a family we bred and kept both smooth and feathered in a variety of colours and patterns, I have no preference when it comes to judging.

From a young age I was taken along to shows and started to help out with showing and we also did lure coursing with success.

As a teenager I become more involved in the dog world. I did various courses as well as some instructor trainings. It was during this time that I became a committee member for the first time.

Although I shared all the Barakisch salukis, often 7 to 9 males and females, at home, growing up I had some dogs that were my own & with Robin (Xass Farah Azim-Asad), together as a team we engaged in many activities:- basic obedience, low level agility, lure coursing, junior handling, and showing.

My first introduction to English salukis was in the mid 90s, when au-pairing for Zola Rawson, Kennel Mumtaz. I accompanied Zola to many shows and was able to meet many other saluki breeders and enthusiasts.

When I decided to make my home in the U.K., despite not owning a saluki I kept up my interest by visiting many events to watch and get my “Saluki Fix”.

It is probably of no surprise that in 2003 I imported Barakisch Niran Xorshid (a self-red feathered male) from my mother, who became the first English and Swedish show Champion. He was a multi-functional saluki enjoying open field coursing and Lure coursing with good results.

I have served on SGHC committee and for several years I have helped organise the SGHC’s Lure-coursing events. I can honestly say not many salukis love a show ring, but the vast majority given half a chance to try lure-coursing love it. I take great pleasure in seeing the dogs do what they love doing; run and chase (what they were originally bred for - hunting).

“Dakota”, my English grizzle and white parti-coloured boy - Alsahra Dakota 1CC 1RCC (Sufeina Al Ain x Bedu Delphine of Alsahra) has been fairly successful in his limited show career, he loves to run and represented the UK Team at the European lure-coursing Championships in Denmark in 2018. Unfortunately being a veteran he is now slowing down and is too old to compete.

Judging experience, Having attended the breed seminars, my first appointment in the UK was a general Open Show in 1997, this was followed over the years by a number of Open Show appointments around England. I have also judged the SGHC Limited Show in 2007 & the open show in 2015, these are always a highlight as it is a members balloted appointment.

Having met the Saluki Clubs and English Kennel Club’s criteria, I was authorised to judge at championship shows level awarding my first set of Challenge Certificates at the Richmond Championship Dog Show in 2019. My next english appointment is in 2023 at the SGHC Centenary Championship Show, again an honour to be the members choice of judge.

I am looking forward to being part of the Norwegian Club’s 40th year celebration & intrigued to get to see salukis back in Scandinavia. it’s been a long time since I visited a show. I hope we will all be able to have a joyous day out amongst fellow saluki enthusiasts.

Cecilia Andersson