SALUKISPESIALEN 2014. Dommerkommentar
Salukispesialen 2014
Tusen takk til dommer Michael Williams, "Kasaque Salukis", England. Foto: Renata Ewa Goel

Our trip began on 15th August arriving at Oslo Airport in the afternoon. The intent was for us to arrive at our hotel to be prepared for the following day’s work. Having arranged our luggage in the room we decided to walk to the harbour to find something to eat and check out our new surroundings.  As we walked along Karl Johan Gate across the square, inevitably, Helen met a lady from Massachusetts, USA, whose father, like her own, had been in the fishing business, in that part of USA....amazing.

The lady said to follow them to the Mela Festival or as we came to understand a festival celebrating ethic diversity. The first thing we noticed was a large stage with very loud ethnic music, from mainly the Eastern World, surrounded by lots of people. As part of the Mela Festival there were many small tents with ‘street food’ from China, Gambia, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, to name a few. This was a good start to a wonderful week-end.

The following morning Geir Raaheim and Kirsti Hovden, a lady we had met at Skoklosters in Sweden several years earlier, when we fell in love with her beautiful Spanish Galgos, drove us to the Lier Videregaende Skole, in Drammen, to the Show ground. This area was well appointed with rings for the different hound breeds and a large, well mowed, flat ring for the Salukis. There I met the Committee led by Elisabeth Espedal Hoogstrate and the lady who was to be my secretary, writing up the critiques, Stine Gaarder.

At this point I should state my total thanks and high regard for the jobs done by the Committee in arranging this wonderful show and in particular Elisabeth who answered  all my questions and queries immediately. However, there is a particular thanks must go to Geir Raaheim who was an excellent ring steward and the secretary Stine Gaarder who did a great job in keeping us on our toes, with good humour and great secretarial skills.

In general the dogs that I judged were of high quality. They compared with the dogs I have evaluated in the UK and probably better that many I have seen around different parts the world. My reasoning in selecting my Excellents, Very Goods, etc., is based upon the confirmation and this linked with the movement of each dog. I utilized the system of the FCI and only gave ‘Excellent’ where I truly felt it was deserved.  Perhaps some felt I was being harsh but in the end, especially in my dog line up, I was pleased with the dogs I had ended up with.

In comments about the males, there were some that had little return of upper arm and straight pasterns. This often produces a narrow front when moving, sometimes the front legs cross over and sometimes the elbows rotate to produce some of the latter. This was part of why some received a ‘very good’.  I found this less apparent in the Bitches, and my comments reflected this. In general most dogs were in great condition, with a good chest, good spring of rib into a positive rear movement with drive from the well muscled thigh and second thigh. The most important factor is the light lifting gate that set our breed apart, from all other breeds. I found this movement in a lot of dogs that I saw at the show. There were a few high tail sets, but relatively few. Overall, the Salukis  that I saw were of significant quality, in good condition and
very well presented by the handlers. In all, a lovely group of sighthounds to judge.

I found my Best in Show from the Working Class, he is INT NORD DK RU BALT BLR UCH NV-10 KBHV-11 Al Wathba Bahram Al Nadir. My Best of Opposite Sex came from the Open Class and was awarded to Zarabis Pallavi with the CAC. Best in Show Veteran male class, went to N DK UCH Caravan Ustura Bahiim. The Best Puppy in Show came from the 6-9 month male class and was awarded to Biscotti Dani Diinaamiit Noor Inca with the  Best of Opposite Puppy in Show going to Badiah Av Min Tera from the 6-9 month bitch class.
I would like to think exhibitors for their bringing their lovely Salukis for me to evaluate, as the whole experience was both educational and a lot of fun too.  

On the Sunday we decided to take a boat trip around the islands of Oslo which was as much movement as I needed. On Monday before we left we managed to find a beautiful piece of Norwegian Chrystal Glass for a member of the Saluki Club in the UK who is getting married in a weeks time. What I fabulous week-end....thanks again to the Saluki club of Norway for this great week-end.

Michael Williams
Kasaque Salukis