Dommerpresentasjon Michael Williams, Kasaque Salukis, England

Having always been associated with animals throughout my childhood, I was first made aware of Salukis upon meeting my partner over forty years ago.

For many years I enjoyed their company, participated in the social and Intellectual aspects of showing, coursing (hare coursing until it was banned here in the UK and lure trials) and breeding; but chose not to judge the breed until 1985. I had wanted to have a thorough insight and understanding prior to providing my opinion. However to be truly objective I felt that it was right to express my views from within the ring, as well as discussing the dog’s physiology in other forum. At that point I felt that it was time to have the courage of my convictions.

For many years Helen and I have participated in seminars for the Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club and the Hound Association training of aspiring judges. I have also been on panels to adjudicate prospective judges for their readiness to judge our breed. I have been Chairman of the SGHC and I am still a Committee member for that Club.

We breed the occasional litter and have owned or bred 16 UK Champions. Our smooth bitch, Ch Caspians L’aliq avec Kasaque was the first smooth champion for 11 years and at this time of writing there has not been another. As a rule we have not exported Kasaque puppies, but the few we have, have made us proud by becoming champions in USA, Canada, Germany, Austria and Australia.
I have judged here at Championship level since 1985, judging at many of our shows including The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club Championship Show as well as general Championship shows her in the UK.
I have also judged specialities in Sweden, Finland, Canada, Belgium and the Saluki Club of America in Kentucky, USA.

Michael Williams (Kasaque Salukis)