Dommerpresentasjon Starr White, Windstorm Salukis, Canada

I have been breeding Salukis since 1976 under the "Windstorm" prefix. Windstorm Salukis have been exported from Canada around the world and we have Champions and Best in Show winners in many countries. In Canada we have had the top Saluki in Canada every year since 1996. We have had 2 different Saluki bitches in the Top 10 All Breeds. We have bred multiple, multiple Best in Show winners, Specialty Winners and winners at Specialties.

I have been licenced for Salukis since 2009. I am also licenced for the entire CKC Hound Group. I am on permit for some of the breeds in the terrier group.

I have judged multiple Saluki specialty puppy sweepstakes and am fortunate to have judged the 2011 Empire Saluki Club Specialty in NewJersey and in 2010 I had the pleasure of judging the Saluki Club of America Western Regional Specialty in New Mexico. I have an assignment in Australia for a Saluki Specialty and am very excited to have been asked to judge the Norwegian Specialty in August 2012.

When judging my priority is to find dogs that look like Salukis, that are unmistakably Salukis demonstrating breed type. Then I look for soundness. After establishing soundness I am able to get down to the finer points, choosing among the dogs that demonstrate breed type and soundness. Temperament is always a consideration.