Dommerpresentasjon Brian Duggan, Kyzyl Kum Salukis, USA

Brian Patrick Duggan, M.A., is the award-winning author of "Saluki: The Desert Hound and the English Travelers Who Brought It to the West" – the result of over 14 years of research in archives, museums, and libraries in three countries. He has been the American Kennel Club Gazette Saluki columnist since 2005 and his articles on the breed have been published in America, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Finland, and Sweden. Brian has presented his historical research at Saluki Club of America specialties, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in California, the 2007 Festival of the Saluki (England), the 2008 Saluki World Congress (Finland), the Saluki Club of Canada’s 50th Anniversary Dinner, the 2012 Swedish Saluki Club Breed Conference, and the Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco’s 39th Annual Specialty in 2014.

Brian has judged Salukis in America, Australia, Canada, England, Finland, and New Zealand – and has provisional judging status for Irish Wolfhounds. For many years, he was a hunt-master for open-field coursing meets and has also participated in lure coursing and obedience. A long time member of the Saluki Club of America, the American Saluki Association, and the Saluki Club of Greater San Francisco of which he is president. Together with his wife, Wendy, they have owned Salukis for forty years under the Kyzyl Kum prefix with 81 owned and/or bred, 35 show champions, and several grand champions to their credit. He and Wendy were honored with the American Saluki Association’s Top Breeder Award for 1994.

Brian has a bachelor’s degree in Theater (Film Production) and a master’s degree in Education. He has worked in higher education for 32 years and is currently the Director of Learning Services at California State University, Stanislaus. Brian continues his Saluki studies and is currently researching the 19th century U.S. Army officers who hunted with sighthounds in the American West.

Selected Articles by Brian:

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• “DOG-UMENTARY: Working with Filmmakers to Get It Right” AKC Gazette, Nov. 2010, Dog Writers Association of America Writing Contest Finalist: Best Feature in an All-Breed Magazine