Dommerkommentar Sharon Bartosh Kinney, USA

Sharon Kinney

Hvam 9. august 2017

Thank you for your invitation to judge your beautiful salukis at your specialty. It was a pleasure and your hospitality was superb! Many thanks to Milla Nilsen for her organization of me.

I was extremely grateful that the weather cooperated and it was sunny the entire day! Your salukis are impressive, especially with full dentition and clean mouths. Thank you for that. Most exhibits were presented well so it didn’t make it difficult to observe your dogs. Most temperaments were sound and I was happy to see most were not shrinking away from me. It was a pleasure “not to see” salukis that were too skinny or too fat, as I do penalize a dog not being in proper conformation condition.

I love my veterans. It is especially fun to see “well preserved” specimens of our breed. The oldster s always have a special spot in my heart! I was pleased that I could use 3 in the final lineups.

I am looking for a curvy silhouette which defines saluki type. My BOS excelled in this area. I was pleased that many had this accet. Sometimes, movement seemed to be lacking in soundness in the front quarters. My BOB continued to get better and better on his side movement and got the top spot.

I would like to offer this handling tip: Please train your dogs to turn on the outside of your turn. Salukis have long legged strides and when you turn into them, it makes the dog stop or worse yet, loose their stride and it looks choppy. Use the most of your skills, so your presentation is smooth and it’s a pleasure for the judge to see and study!

Thank you again for having me judge your wonderful salukis!

Most Sincerely, Sharon Bartosh Kinney